I will be working hard in Washington D.C. by focusing on an environment that will allow us in the Northwest of Connecticut thrive our economy. The unemployment is at an all-time low, wages are rising for the first time since the 1970’s. This has been the strongest economy in a lifetime. Now we need to focus on expanding the recovery, and on reforms that will carry us into the 21st century.


The United States, since the 1970’s, has run an extremely large trade deficit. This is due to the fact that our financial system has been one of the most sophisticated and open in the world, in which others have used it to their advantage. China and other Countries have used our financial system against us to force trade deficits back in to our Country. The time is now to rebalance the trades and capital scales by coming together with our trading partners and establishing a new global trade built in openness, fairness and equity.


Small businesses have been created over 60% of the net jobs in this country. We need to create and provide a better competitive tax and regulatory environment for our small businesses to grow and prosper, thus creating the good paying jobs that our families rely on. The 2017 tax cuts were a great start to continue the rollbacks of the administrative state and allow our businesses to thrive in the 21st century economy


Today, our federal system has over 80 federal welfare programs that spends over $1 trillion annually in the fight to alleviate poverty. While this is well-intentioned, the reality is that the system is too complex and discourages the very behaviors we know to get people out of poverty. To be successful, we will have to align those incentives inside the program to encourage people to return back to productive work as soon as possible, in order to live a stable family life.


We are entering an economy where the pace of the changes will continue to accelerate at incredible rates. The biggest threat to the long-term economic strength of our nation is the education system that ranks middle of the pack amongst competitive advanced economies. We will need an education system that will be dynamic and flexible, providing more local control and choice for our children. This is the first step towards a more effective education system.


We need better coordination with our greatest industries and our education system to promote policies that will encourage the private sector to work directly with our local universities, community colleges and trades schools to ensure that the skills being cultivated are those that are in the highest demand in our Nation, State and District.


The opportunities at skilled trades through apprenticeships will expand the careers in the technical education, a plan that will be right for Connecticut. These critical field jobs that are available throughout the 5th district will provide a path to good high-paying job essential to our workers.


STEM curriculum is one of the most important steps to ensure the most innovative economy in the planet. We need to equip our workforce with skills they need to sustain the base in the 21st century. 


Having a degree in a four-year college is important to many Americans. For others, a Certification or an Associate’s Degree is the right path as an alternative program. A more cost-effective alternative can have a higher return on investment than some four-year colleges. I will like to encourage these programs at a federal level while allowing PELL Grants to be used for the cost.

These programs will be affordable for some of the most vulnerable students. The opportunity to learn some marketable skills will allow them to earn their slice of the American Dream.


The safety of our children should be a commitment of federal money for the protection in their schools in whatever the local communities deems best. For some, this could include training and arming school officials. For others, it may be hiring additional school resource officers or buying metal detectors. Whatever the method, Congress needs to act on protecting and providing our local communities with the funds necessary to protect our children from harm.  


As a member of Congress, I will work tirelessly to ensure that each of our schools has a trained mental health professional on campus. We all agree that mental health is a big concern and issue in our school violence problem. We understand that Congress has failed to commit the necessary money and treatment options to help solve this crisis. The time is now to address this concern, before it continues to plague our communities.


As a member of family veterans, I believe we have the most talented American military in the world. What we can do as a country is to show our support and appreciation to our men and woman veterans. To me and others, these great men and women of the military have risked and sacrificed it all so that we can enjoy the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution. Without these brave Americans, the land of the free would cease to exist, we owe them an unpayable debt of gratitude.


I am committed to working hard in Washington D.C. to keep their issues a national priority. Expanding the opportunities for our veterans to receive healthcare inside and outside of the VA system. If the VA isn’t working then we need to allow our vet’s to seek effective care elsewhere. I will work to expedite the hiring of medical professionals at the VA in areas that are understaffed.


It will be my honor to expand education for veterans to ensure they are well-equipped to thrive in our economy.



I understand that Obamacare has been a disaster. The American people deserve a solution that everyone has access to affordable, and high-quality healthcare options. The best solution is to put the patient in the driver’s seat, bringing the overall cost of the system down.


For Americans today is becoming hard to shop around for lower cost healthcare as prices are hidden by providers themselves. In order to have a true market-based system, we must give the tools to the patients to find lower-cost providers. Americans need to have a better transparency for starters.


Do you know that we have been subsidizing prescriptions drugs cost for the rest of the world for decades?. For example do you know you can buy the same prescription drug 1/3 of the cost abroad than in State? No citizen of the United States should be paying more for prescription drugs than the citizens of any other country. By allowing medicare to negotiate prices directly would be a good start.


One thing I wouldn’t change from the Obamacare is the requirement that insurance companies can no longer discriminate people with pre-existing conditions. I will work to keep that provision in place.


We all understand the brokenness inside of our immigration system and has been a frustration for every citizen, as well as those who are waiting in line to come to this country legally. The time has come for Congress to require both parties to come to the table and have real talks and understand that no one will get everything they want. We should all work together on keeping an immigration system that will keep us safe and keep our country moving forward.


We have over 90% of the drugs that come from our borders destroying our communities, and we need to do everything in our power to stop it. We need to invest in our borders security and that is essential. Our brave ICE agents have been working hard every day to keep our communities safe. In 2018 ICE seized over $1.7 million in meth and $7 million worth of narcotics, and more than 10,000 gang arrest including 2,000 (MS-13) gang members. ICE is a vital function in our society, and for the democrats to call eliminating this organization is complete irresponsible.


For those children that are in this country through no fault of their own, I believe we need to find a permanent legal solution that will allow them to stay in this country while they work through the legal process in the immigration system. I believe that they should be able to stay in the country, provided they are obeying our laws, going to school or contributing to our economy and national security interests.  


The right to bear arms is one of our Constitutions right as citizens of the United States. I will work to preserve this right for future generations. I Ruben Rodriguez firmly support the Second Amendment, and I will be a defender against those who want to infringe upon it.


As a candidate I pledge to protect the lives of the unborn, God’s greatest gift to the world is the life of a child. I will work alongside anyone who is committed to the cause of life, I’m a believer that life begins at conception.